Production Procedure of “GuoHun” Maotai Flavour Liquor

1. Alcoholic Fermentation Starter Making

•To make the fermentation starter, powder the wheats first, mix them with water and mother culture. Then put mixture in each wooden mould on average, and squeeze them into large compact cake by machine for fermentation substrate use.

•Wrap the moulded starters with millet straw for storage. For about 10 days’ storage, turn the starters upside down to produce microorganism on every side of them. After another 1-2 months of storing, the starters are ready for inocula purpose and if they are put in production process, make sure they are smashed into pieces before use.

2. Fermentation Starter Inoculation
to Sorghum

•First of all, powder 10-30% of quantity of local sorghum and wash them several times not only to get rid of dregs but also to help sorghum absorb moisture. Then, put the washed sorghum into steamer for about 2 hours, take them out from steamer and flatten them onto a flat platform with frequent stir by machine.

•Until the temperature of sorghum down to 35℃, add inocula (fermentation starter) in the sorghum to inoculate on a ratio of one to one. This adding process conducts around 9 to 10 times with equal amount of inocula. After the mixture of sorghum and inocula, gather them together and build a similar large ‘cone’ to start initial fermentation until the inner temperature reach to 50-60℃.

•Once the initial fermentation finished, put the mixture into the 3-4 meter depth of sealed cellar for first round fermentation. Make sure the cellar is sealed by local mud to prevent ventilation, also the mud seal has to be carefully checked so that it is not dry and does not crack during the fermentation.

3. Blend of Base Liquor and its Formation

•After one month’s fermentation in cellar, when first round fermentation finished, take them out and add more powdered fresh sorghum with ratio one to one for steaming. Again, mix them with inocula on the platform for a period of time of fermentation in a similar shape mentioned above. Re-put them in sealed cellar for second round fermentation, it lasts another one month. The aim of this process is to attract more microorganisms on the surface of fermented mixture.

For a period of time of one month, the liquor can be distilled from the fermented mixture now. More liquor can be produced on the fermentation up to five or six round if re-do the sorghum adding and cellar fermentation processes. After several time’s distillation, tons of liquor is obtained and they are needed to store in the jar for about 2-3 years to form the base liquor.

4.Flavour the Semi Completed Liquor Products

•For a period of time of 2-3 years, blend other kinds of base liquor into this one to form specific taste and aroma. When the blending process finished, the final step is to use age liquor or other chinese liquor to flavor semi liquor products. The completed liquor product is made, and store them in the jar for another half or one year before enter the market.
Finish Products in the Production Line are Packed and Ready For Shipment.