Welcome Everyone to our Networking Website !

Join us 300x200As everyone is aware, one methods of expanding your business horizon or building your groups of friends is through Networking Events held by various companies, Organizations or by each individual. Might be sometimes adding parties.
However, this may not be working as there is a mismatch on the groups of people attending the events which might have different objectives as yours. Your effort and time taken in this case might be disappointing sometimes.
There are a million places to meet business partners, but you want the ones most likely to bear fruit, so think from the end forward.

Our Goal 

To ensure that you can find the right business partner, the people with the similar interests or objectives before any real meeting or events is being held so as to avoid further disappointment as least to the minimum level.

Any entrepreneur needs to know the importance of finding the right partner to build their business. People are often willing to share their networks when it seems like a “win-win” for everyone involved.

So, where exactly do we start ?

Let's Start Now!


5 Basic questions you should ask before moving another steps further:-

  • Are you looking at the correct industries ?
  • Do they share the similar passion as you ?
  • Is their goals align to meet your organizations needs ?
  • Are they as committed as you ?
  • Are they motivated to move forward ?

Next, we need to identify 5 different skills to balance the match:-

  • Ideas vs execution. -If you’re a person with full of ideas,then you will need someone who can execute your ideas well.
  • Right vs left brain. -A creative-person will needs an analytical partner to analysis the outcome. 
  • Sales vs. production. -A marketing guy, will need a partner to control the production.
  • Problems vs. solutions. -If you’re good in spotting a problems, you need a partner who’s great at implementing solutions.
  • Pedal vs. brakes. –You can’t both parties pedaling right through the wall, or else  you are likely to crash. You will need one party to pull the brakes.

Our Believe in 3C’s Model !



Our strong believe in business success model are base on the following:-

  • Communication;

  • Connection &

  • Collaboration